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Fascias and Soffits in Doncaster| Your Guide to Common Problems

Roofline products are a vital part of your roofing system. They help keep your property dry, protect it from water damage and add to the visual appeal of your home or business. As such, it’s important to keep gutters, fascias and soffits in good condition. However, just like any other part of your roof, these elements are subject to harsh weather conditions. In addition, property owners in Doncaster and the surrounding areas often neglect to maintain them properly. Consequently, at Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd, we see a variety of common problems with roofline products.


When certain parts of your roof aren’t functioning as they should, your property is at risk. When you notice any roofing issues, it’s important to call the professionals straight away to minimise damage and to keep your property secure.


However, it’s not always easy to tell when you need repairs or replacements. That’s why we’ve provided a useful guide to the most common problems you may experience with fascias and soffits in Doncaster:

Flaking and Peeling Paint


If you notice the paint on your roofline products begins to peel and flake, you will need to repaint them with a suitable weather-resistant product. Flaking and peeling paint indicates that water is seeping through. This can damage timber and metal fascias and soffits.


It’s important to periodically repaint roofline products to maintain their weathertightness.


Rot and Damp


Rot and damp can spread quickly, causing considerable damage to your property. If you notice these issues on the roofline of your Doncaster home or business, call the professionals at Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd for high-quality replacements.




Leaks are a key sign that something’s wrong with gutters, fascias and soffits. Debris, such as leaves and twigs easily builds up in drainage systems, causing blockages and damage. Pests, freezing water and impact from falling objects and strong winds can also result in damage that causes leaks.

It’s vital to address leaks as soon as possible to prevent extensive and expensive damage. With over 30 years of trade experience, our team undertakes all kinds of roof repairs and replacements in Doncaster and the surrounding areas.


Pests and Infestations


When not properly maintained, gutters, fascias and soffits become ideal homes for all kinds of animals and pests. Rotting fascias are ideal for insects and rodents, while a build-up of leaves and other debris offers a comfortable nesting space.


Obviously, you don’t want rats or other pests infesting your home or business in Doncaster. The best way to avoid these issues is with regular maintenance, but if it’s too late, you need to address the problem before it becomes worse.


Clearing and cleaning the drainage system may be enough to remove the pests. However, if they have caused damage, or if your timber fascias and soffits are rotten, we will carry out repairs and/or replacements.

Contact Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd on 01709 892 393 or 07772 838 021 for gutters, fascias and soffits in Doncaster and all the surrounding areas.

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