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Flat Roofs in Doncaster | What Makes a Good Flat Roof?

Over the years, flat roofing has grown in popularity and is now the style of choice for many domestic and commercial projects. With proper installation, flat roofs offer various benefits to our customers in Doncaster and the surrounding areas, such as easy maintenance and high performance. However, to enjoy these advantages, each aspect of the roof needs to meet a high standard. With over 30 years of trade experience, the team at Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd offers reliable, high-quality services to give you the result you expect.


But what makes a good flat roof? The following are key aspects we deliver to ensure flat roofs in Doncaster are effective and hard wearing:

Membrane – A high-quality membrane is essential to ensuring the weathertightness of your roof. The main purpose of the membrane is to waterproof the whole roof area. There are various options available, including reinforced bituminous membranes (RBM) and EPDM rubber flat roofs.


Falls – Water must be able to run off your flat roof in Doncaster. To ensure surface water clears as quickly as possible, we build flat roofs at a slight angle, or fall. There are different ways we achieve the correct fall, such as sloping joists and tapered supports. This is a vital aspect of flat roofing because without a suitable fall, water will pool on the roof, causing damage.


Deck – Flat roofs are dependent on a roof deck, which serves as the base for the roof. This must provide enough support for every load the roof may have to withstand. The method of attachment also needs to be appropriate.


U-Value – U-value is a measure of heat transmission. Under UK Building Regulations, all new and refurbished flat roofs must achieve certain U-values. At Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd, we ensure every roof we install in Doncaster and the surrounding areas complies with all relevant regulations.


End Use – When undertaking roofing services, it’s essential to consider the end use of each roof. This ensures we use the most suitable materials and methods for every job. For example, making sure the structure has adequate support to take the load of solar panels, where necessary.

Ventilation – Good ventilation is key for preventing excessive condensation and moisture forming in your roof. Ventilation enables free air flow, stopping air becoming trapped in the roof. This minimises the risk of damp and mould in your Doncaster property.


Installation – You must never overlook the importance of professional installation in providing high-quality flat roofs. With thorough training and extensive industry experience, the team at Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd offers reliable and long-lasting roofs. We supply quality materials suitable for each job and follow approved installation methods.

For functional flat roofs in Doncaster that adhere to all regulations, call Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd on 01709 892 393 or 07772 838 021.

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