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New Roof in Doncaster and Rotherham | Your Guide to New Roofing Materials

While every new roof we install consists of numerous materials working together, the roof covering represents the most visible. However, with such an array of options available, choosing your roof covering can become a daunting prospect. At Delta Rooftop Solutions, we have a proven record for crafting immaculate roofs in a wide range of materials throughout Doncaster, Rotherham and the neighbouring areas. When combined with our ability to work on projects of any size or complexity, we take the stress and worry out of your new roof.


In this blog, we provide a guide to some of the most popular roof coverings currently on the market. This is only an introductory guide, and something our team can divulge on during an initial consultation at your property.


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Popular New Roof Coverings


Interlocking Roof Tiles


Usually made of concrete, interlocking tiles represent the most cost-effective way of covering a pitched roof. Due to their large size, and the fact they don’t need much of an overlap, it can take as few as ten to cover a square metre. Naturally, this helps to speed up the installation process.


If the roof of your property in Doncaster or Rotherham has a more complex shape, this involves more tile cutting. Of course, this then increases the time taken to install and eats further into the budget too.


Plain Tiles


Compared with interlocking roof tiles, the plain variety requires approximately 60 tiles to cover a square metre. When complete, plain tiles give your new roof a much more traditional look. They vary in price and aesthetic, with both concrete and clay options available. For a truly stunning appearance, handmade tiles make the ideal solution. Naturally, however, they also cost the most money.


Concrete tiles always represent a cheaper alternative to clay, but it doesn’t age as well. When installed on properties in Doncaster, Rotherham or any other location, clay tiles only improve with age.


Slate Tiles


Natural slate produces outstanding results and, much like clay, the material itself only looks better with age. Slate became the material of choice for new roofs in the Victorian era. While it still holds status as a fair, mid-priced option today, cheaper materials do exist, so it’s not the go-to choice for developers anymore.


With outstanding durability alongside the wonderful aesthetics, slate makes a fantastic choice for roofs on new builds or for those in Doncaster and Rotherham looking to replace an old one.


In addition to the above, other popular new roof coverings include EDM rubber and GRP fibreglass for flat roofs, as well as green roofs and metal roofs. Whatever your stylistic tastes and property requirements, Delta Rooftop Solutions can help you find the perfect option.

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