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Roof Repairs in Doncaster | 5 Common Roofing Problems

Are you wondering what’s caused a leak, crack or other damage to your roof? The team at Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd has provided a handy guide to the most common roofing problems we resolve for customers in Doncaster and the surrounding areas. There are many reasons why you may need roof repairs and we accurately identify and resolve the issue. Having been working in the industry for so many years, we deliver ideal solutions every time.


The following are just some of the most common issues we deal with. If you have another problem or requirement, we are more than happy to help, just get in touch at your earliest convenience.

1. Poor Installation


Poor or faulty roof installations in Doncaster cause a range of problems sooner rather than later. This is why it’s so important to hire reputable contractors for all roofing services, including new installations and roof repairs.


Placing tiles incorrectly can result in spaces that let water seep through, causing leaks and damage. Furthermore, misplaced or too few nails can result in tiles slipping and breaking, while incorrectly fitted flashings, gutters, fascias and soffits cause a host of water issues.

With proper installation, you avoid these inconvenient, expensive and potentially dangerous problems.


2. Tree Damage


If there are trees around your property, these may well be to blame for damage to your roof. During adverse weather, branches, or even the whole tree, can fall onto your roof, causing damage that requires roof repairs. In addition, branches can rub against roof tiles, wearing away the top layer. This makes them much more vulnerable to weather damage and general wear.


The best way to avoid trees damaging your roof in Doncaster is to regularly clip overhanging branches and remove any dead or dying limbs or trees before they fall.


3. Pooling Water


One of the main functions of your roof is to direct water away from your property. However, if your roof is not performing as it should, you may notice water pooling on the surface. This problem is especially common with flat roofs and you should call us for an inspection and roof repairs as soon as you notice water isn’t draining properly.


Standing water increases the load on your roof and if left, can cause the roof to collapse. There are various causes of pooling water in Doncaster, such as weakening of roof supports creating dips, and inefficient drainage.


4. Punctures


Adverse weather can cause punctures in roofing materials. For example, strong wind can blow objects into your roof at force, or heavy hail can penetrate the roof. If a puncture occurs, water can seep into your property, in turn causing further damage. As such, it’s important to carry out roof repairs as soon as you notice a puncture, hole or gap in your Doncaster roof.


5. Membrane Shrinkage


Roofs contain a membrane that acts as a barrier against extreme temperatures and UV light. However, if over exposed to UV light, the membrane can shrink, resulting in cracks, blisters and ridges.


One of the signs that indicate membrane shrinkage is tiles or shingles coming away from your roof. The best way to identify shrinkage is with a professional inspection.

Call Delta Rooftop Solutions Ltd on 01709 892 393 or 07772 838 021 for complete roofing services, including roof repairs, in Doncaster and all the neighbouring locations.

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