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Roofing Services in Rotherham and Doncaster | How Does the Weather Affect Your Roof?

From Doncaster and Rotherham to the rest of the UK, everyone likes to talk about the weather. Be it sun burns and heatwaves or umbrellas and disrupted commutes, the weather impacts on our daily lives in many ways. One of the most overlooked, however, is how it affects the roofs of properties. As a specialist in an array of roofing services, Delta Rooftop Solutions has vast experience in the damage different weather conditions can cause.


In this blog, we examine what the conditions of our changing seasons do to residential properties. By highlighting this area of property maintenance, you can increase your chances of avoiding significant damage and emergency roofing services.

The Effects of Hot Weather


While the height of summer may seem like a calm period weather-wise, your roof doesn’t get any respite. Most damage during hot weather comes in the form of unfiltered UV sun rays. Fortunately, property owners in Doncaster and Rotherham who invest in professional roofing services, including maintenance work and small repairs, can avoid the worst of the damage for many years.


In the warmer months, this damage includes heat and UV rays drying out the roofing materials. This has the potential to cause shrinkage, while wooden structures will bleach and weaken. Given enough time, they may even crack. Tiles exposed to consistent high temperatures eventually start to split or buckle. As they shrink, the joins between them may also become loose.


Thermal shock also represents a summer problem for roofs, especially during higher-than-average spells of heat. When this happens, the temperature still rapidly falls away at night. This extreme change, as well as the increased moisture in the air, causes roofing materials, especially metal, to contract and expand in a short time frame.


In turn, this can affect the structural integrity which, in some cases, can lead to warping. Naturally, if the roof of your Doncaster or Rotherham property was installed within the last 10 years, it has a greater resistance to such effects. But older structures need regular roofing services to help prevent the worst of this damage


The Effects of Cold Weather


The colder months may bring less sunlight and UV rays, but they still present various challenges to roofs. These include bitter temperatures, frost, rain and snow.  When it comes to rain, the constant beating down of water over a prolonged period inevitably takes its toll. Roofing services centred on guttering, fascias and soffits play an important role in preventing pooling water, a key factor in damage caused by rainwater.


When allowed to pool, water can penetrate outer roofing materials. Lingering moisture can build-up between tiles, causing moss and mould issues. What’s more, if the temperature drops below freezing, this water will freeze and expand, forcing tiles and other materials apart.


Snow also poses a risk to properties throughout Doncaster and Rotherham. It doesn’t simply drain away like rain does. If you have neglected roofing services over many years, the additional weight of collected, even compacted, snow can bring unexpected strain.

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